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Why Moncus Law Firm?

1. Select A Criminal Law Specialist

Criminal defense law is a highly specialized practice and extremely different from typical areas in the hugh family of law practice. Defense issues and tactics vary drastically depending upon the crime. Hire an attorney with an understanding of the different aspects of the criminal process and the crime for which you are charged. An in depth understanding of the total process can make the difference in freedom and jail.

On the other hand, we denounce with righteous indignation and dislike men who are so beguiled and demoralized by the charms of pleasure of the moment.

2. Select An Experienced Attorney

Hire an attorney with the actual investigative, research, preparation, and time in the courtroom. Your attorney should have verifiable experience in each of these critical areas. Do not hire an attorney that is using your case to learn about the manner of defense for your crime. Hire an attorney that has defended the type of crime you are charged with. Experience gets results!!!! Attorneys win by being in the courtroom, in front of judges, and by the research and investigation performed before entering the courtroom.

3. Select An Attorney That Can Defend You Immediately

Your defense must start now!!! To properly protect you, your attorney must put into action an immediate strategy that anticipates the prosecution’s pending actions. There is very important advice that you must be made aware of along with the consequences of failure to follow the advice.

4. Select An Attorney That Is Creative In Your Defense

The defense must be tailored to your specific case and your specific needs. The attorney must have dealt with a variety of cases involving fact situations similar to yours. The attorney must be able to evaluate, analyze, and adapt to the needs of your case.  No two cases are ever the same.

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