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Jerry W. Moncus begin the practice of law in June, 1992.    He entered the practice with the intent to supply vigorous, aggressive, and a highly competent defense to those accused of crimes.    Mr. Moncus has the experience to accurately direct the investigation and to evaluatethe evidence prior to trial. When the evidence is overwhelming and a guilty plea is obvious, Jerry W. Moncus has the ability to negotiate for the client’s best interest.    Mr. Moncus has an understanding of the entire criminal system, including the client’s processing and placement after a plea is entered.

Prior to entering the practice of law, Jerry W. Moncus was a Chemical Engineer with 20 years extensive supervisory experience and “hands on”, daily interaction with the work force.    This prior work experience gives Mr. Moncus an unusual and instinctive, insight to the jury selection process.

Mr. Moncus also understands the chemistry and scientific technology involved in the analysis and evaluation of  samples seized for drug crimes.   The chemical engineering background of Jerry W. Moncus allows a greater understanding of the scientific investigative techniques used by the prosecution during their investigation, evaluation and presentation of evidence, especially evidence seized in violent crimes such as murder, rape, etc. Mr. Moncus’  pre-law background plus his vast jury trial experience permits a more thorough presentation  of his client’s defense.

Jerry W. Moncus and his entire staff are all bi-lingual.    Every member of the staff is fluent in Spanish.  The Moncus Law Firm is the local leader in representation of Hispanics.

Areas of Expertise


Vehicle Homicide

  • Major Drug Cases
  1.  Trafficking
  2. Manufacturing
  3. Sale and Distribution
  4. Possession
  • Sex Crimes
    1. Rape
    2. Statutory Rape
    3. Aggravated Sodomy
    4. Aggravated Child Molestation
  • Violent Crimes
    1. Armed Robbery
    2. Aggravated Assault
    3. Aggravated Battery
  • Theft
    1. Burglary
    2. Theft by Taking
    3. Shoplifting
  • Traffic
    1. DUI
    2. Suspended License
    3. Fleeing to Elude