Client was charged with felony murder of her invalid husband during the
commission of arson, the illegal burning of their apartment.   Client was
seen by many witnesses starting and accelerating the fire.   Through
investigation, Mr. Moncus was able to produce medical witnesses and
evidence that the client was mentally insane.   Client was facing a life
sentence.  Client was found NOT GUILTY by reason of mentally insanity.

Client was charged with two counts of felony murder.  Client and four        
friends entered a man's home for the purpose of stealing his drugs.   The
victim was shot and killed during the robbery.   Three of the co-defendants
testified against the client and fourth individual during a week long trial.   
The fourth individual was convicted and received life plus twenty years.  
Client was facing two life sentences.  Client was found NOT GUILTY  of
both counts of felony murder.


Client was charged with four drug counts: trafficking in methamphetamine,
sale of methamphetamine, possession with intent to distribute
methamphetamine, and possession of methamphetamine.   Client was
observed by undercover agents making trafficking quantity sale and
recorded by audio and video.  Client was facing a sentence of thirty years
minimum.   Client was found NOT GUILTY on all counts.

Client was arrested for domestic violence offense.  When searched during the
"booking" process, methamphetamine was discovered on his person.  Mr. Moncus
successfully attacked the "chain of custody" during the scientific testing
procedure.Client was facing a sentence of fifteen years.   Client was found

Violent Crimes:

Client was serving a ten year sentence in the Georgia penal system.   Client was
not represented by the Moncus Law Firm at trial.    Mr. Moncus investigated the case
and through a Motion For New Trial was able to get the conviction REVERSED.   The
client was not re-tried  and is now a free man.

Client was on video at the time and site of an arson fire that destroyed a motel
laundry room.  Mr. Moncus attacked the credibility of the video taping device and
preservation of the video tape.   Client was facing a sentence of ten years. Client
was found NOT GUILTY